Monday, August 2, 2010

hong kong

hi all(aka my less than 5 readers)!

so two weekends ago, i went to hong kong! here's the proof:

SEE i was there! haha so when ppl ask me where i went in hk, all i really say is the peak, since being with jennie, we just ate and shopped a lot haha. my favorite place in all of hk was the EGG SANDWICH PLACE! it was so good, you won't understand unless you go there. i remember taking pictures.. but i can't find any pictures on bridgets camera (which is all i have right now, since we switched cameras for the time being) so yeah.. maybe eventually i'll upload hk pics onto facebook but now nowww. we ended up waiting over an hour in the heat for this really small dim sum place that was good, but personally i'd rather go to jennie's resturant and have dim sum there :D though right now i guess thats even further from me :(

so what really surprised me about hong kong.. was the height of all the buildings. theres were sooo many tall buildings right next to each other. when i look up to the sky i just see buildings!! all the buildings were scraping the sky (ha ha ha) and even though taipei is very ppl-filled, there aren't as many tall buildings in taipei. and theres a lot more ppl in hong kong than in taipei i think.. more foreigners too.

i wish i had stayed longer though, there definitely wasn't enough time to do everything that i wanted to do! i think one weekend anywhere isn't enough, but afterall we only went cuz bridgets visa expired haha :)

i want more egg sandwiches...

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