Wednesday, July 21, 2010

sneaky picture

I'm jealous of the two rooms next to me. While my workroom is windowless, they have a really good view. You can see the mountains! and blue sky! I've been wanting to take a picture for weeks, but theres always people in the rooms, and its kind of awkward to just walk in and take a picture and walk out haha. But yesterday, it looked like everyone in the room had left early! So I quickly snuck in and took a few pictures :) Makes me happy! I haven't uploaded it yet, so maybe i'll post up some of the pictures in a bit. Its moments like this that makes me wish that I brought my d300 with me :( but for now my point and shoot will have to do.

So I'm watching Inception tonight! I hope it doesn't become another Wall-E... I remember how I was so excited to see it! everyone was tellig me that it was amazing all summer and then when me and jin finally watched it, we were like ". . ." whats so good about this movie haha.


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  2. yeaaahhh not surprised you miss your d300. post to flickr soon! :)

    my fbook mini-feed has been screaming about inception for the last week or two.... and yeah i kind of agree about wall-e. it was too cynical for a pixar movie :\