Tuesday, August 10, 2010

so not high class

so the other day, me, my sister, and a family friend was treated to a pretty high class resturant, except i didn't know it walking into it. so i think if you usually eat at these resturants.. you know how to space out all the "stuff" or appetizers before the main dish? well i didn't know how many there were gonna be!

first there was bamboo, then they gave us a piece of bread, then a piece of pain with garlic sauce, then our choice of soup. honestly, by this point i was already full haha. i didn't know there was gonna be so many different dishes! cuz i think we just ordered the "套餐" so its not like we choose anything.. so after i was already comfortably full, we had fish with tofu, shrimp, scallop, and finally a salad. and finally, after all those, our real entree came, more meat with a bowl of ru rou fan. and me not wanting to waste any food, tried to finish everything up until the most expensive part --> the main entree cuz i really couldn't finish it. sigh. then of course there was fruit, and creme brulee. even the dessert had two parts!!! i wonder if ppl can actually eat like that everyday...

im pretty sure i ended up eating half my weight that meal. crazy.

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