Tuesday, August 3, 2010


i found another mosquito in my keep-mosquitos-out net!! SO SAD. i've had mosquito bites in all the worst possible places except near my eye (this is really bad cuz it swells up so you can't see!!) this summer.. this morning i woke up with a mosquito bite on the joint on my finger and also on the side of my foot :( this are the worse cuz you use well when i type i feel the finger bite, when i walk i feel the side of my foot bite...

anyways! so yesterday we were walking in a night market. so apparently people can tell that me & my american friends have accents (obviously) but i don't know why, they never guess that we're from america. so the first guy who heard jackie speak guessed that she was from singapore. and then the gua bao (taiwanese hamburger, but it wasn't as good as other ones ive had so a little disappointed..) guy thought i was from hong kong. wha?! im 100% sure that i don't have a canto mando accent esp from hearing jennie speak chinese a lot :P haha plus! when i went to hk, they just looked at my face and knew i wasn't canto and started talking to me in mando instead.

well, obviously i still need to work on my chinese :(.. my goal.. is to have someone not realize that i'm a foreigner for at least the first 5 minutes of a conversation! haha thats gonna take a lot of work..

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