Saturday, May 22, 2010

deprived of young people

so as most of you know.. im in taiwan! however, i still haven't had any chua bing, bubble tea, or any sort of street food. i know right? what have i been doing.. most cmu ppl aren't back yet, so me, being an abc, and all my cousins are either not in taipei or old and working.. so yeah i've been pretty deprived of ppl my own age. so talk to meee!

well. this is what i've been up to:

first thing i did when i got off the plane was go straight to a hospical for the physical required for taiwanese citizenship. wasn't too bad... just had to get my blood drawn and got an xray.

oh and my plane ride book was chronicles of narnia! i think next time i should follow vivians way of getting traveling books.. go to the library and buy a bunch of 25 cent books.. so you can just throw them away afterwards.. though if i end up liking it i prolly won't throw it away anyways >_<

so the only place i've been really is gong guan.. probably cuz its nearby. the first day i definitely had a problem.. every store i walked into i had to get something >_< KFC!!! :) super yumm. i ordered a number 2!

i know i didn't really focus correctly but trust me. it was really good :) .. the fries were not that great. america is still best for fries i guess. but the sandwich was good.. american kfcs should invest in these kinds of chicken sandwiches.. i don't think they have them. do they?

and now for the best part...

i looked on their website first.. and they have like three different ones o.o so i decided to try them allll! but i think they looked better on the website..

thats just one kind haha but its was still pretty yum :) i still have to try the other 2 kinds.. since i only ate one. even though i didn't finish the fries the sandwich seemed to stuff me.. surprisingly. haha

im always scared of ordering.. cuz the ppl see me and expect me to be completely fluent in chinese -_- im sorry i suck!!! but can you talk a little slower??? geez. but i managed to get my order in w/o too much of a problem.. but i think the lady thought i was crazy since i ordered a meal.. as well as a box of six dantas (egg custards) "for here". haha i finally asked for a bag in the end but she repeated that like twice to make sure thats actually waht i wanted -_- until i finally asked for the bag hahaha. prolly thought i was a fatty for ordering so much >_<

so i was super excited after kfc.. when i realized that there was a bookstore right next to it that actually had a decent amount of english books.. even though a lot of them were wrapped up so i couldn't read them.. but they still had some that were not wrapped up and readable! super exciting. i came across a couple interesting books.. for example:

whaaa? was someone that intrigued by pittsburgh that they wrote a whole book on the "mysteries" of pittsburgh? i wanna know what these mysteries are.. too bad it was in chinese.. maybe i'll skim through some but it would take me forever :( so i ended up reading a nicolas sparks book which wasn't too bad :) just a normal nicolas sparks book haha.

oh and the reason i haven't gotten bubble tea? cuz im scared to stand there and try to decipher the menu -_- so i decided to snap a quick picture and bring it home to study haha :) but then i realized the place i found was tenren!! (we have tenren's back in dc metro area). i didn't realize it was one of these until after i took the picture haha. oh and i just realized that they have english -_- but anyways.. was taro milk tea always with green tea? o.o cuz i never noticed that before. haha well i'll have to try it.. but mann two dollars for milk teaa. isn't it supposed to be cheaper in asia T_T i guess it is.. i think in america a small is like 3 something or 2.75 or something..
so this is how my days have been these days. i need to get out more.. find out where to get yum breakfast foods.. and such. but i feel bad cuz my uncle makes me a lot of food.. or what he thinks isn't a lot i think.. cuz he eats a lot more than me.. and these days i haven't been eating that much.. i eat one of those small asian bowls of rich with some veggies on top and im good. maybe when im jetlagged i don't have much of an appetite.. which .. yeah. i've been pretty jetlagged. yesterday i slept from 2pm to 10pm. pretty sad i know. but today i was up at normal hours! i woke up at 8am and i've been awake ever since and its almost 8!!

actually i think i just jinxed myself. i am now. getting tired... its only 8!!! oh knoooos...