Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello Goodbye

Anyone recognize the quote in my title/header? ...I hope someone does! Because its from my favorite book... and if you haven't read it yet. read it! Dooo it. Gogogo. Because I said so!

Hello out there. I'm crossing my fingers right now that I'll actually update this blog every once in a while. Remind me please! After I watched Julie & Julia, I really did want to start up a blog with a purpose, and had my heart set on it.. But then I got distracted. The biggest obstacle to me accomplishing anything: a short attention span. I know this blog doesn't exactly have a purpose either.. but I'm hoping that after posting a few times I'll figure it out. But I mean, I can blog just to blog right?

So I guess this means I've finally given up on xanga. Poor xanga... And I was so resistant to leaving xanga too! Kept on trying to revive it haha but it never worked. I guess this is the official goodbye to perkystrawberry. So long. Farewell. No more xanga layouting or Eprops. Sad sad sad - but good times. :)

So its finally spring break - that means I can take off that post it now right? I have so many plans for myself and goals to reach that it seems impossible. Does studying/homework ever get done during spring break.. haha I don't even know. Maybe if you're in the infamous 251.. haha jk I do need to work on schoolwork. No joke.

May this spring break be a productive one for all!