Monday, July 5, 2010

so i'm finally back from the TTT orientation and have officially started work!

i was a little disappointed to learn that i wouldn't be in a cubicle.. but im sure thats for the better. instead me & a coworker get a room to ourselves and it seems livelier that way or else i would probably end up asleep.

i was excited to learn that i get this cool card that lets me into rooms! knowing me i'll probably forget it one day and screw myself over. booo. but its cool! i have access to places not everyone has access to! haha. hey... getting excited over little things will be good for me in the long run!

so my job. i could probably completely bs it but i think im going to 努力的 work hard! they honestly didn't assign much.. so i might as well do what they assigned well haha. learn some more html/css while im at it.

oh and i already got my paycheck! and an extra 10,000 NT for traveling expenses.. i thought they gave a lot of extra when i saw the amount.. but then i actually calculated it.. and if we have work 5 days a week for approximately 7 weeks, even with my student discounted bus rides at 12 NT each.. my total comes up to almost 900 NT.. so i guess i get ~100 NT extra... whats 3 extra dollars gonna do for me. haha i guess i can get 3 cups of bubble tea!

so i work from 9am to 6pm on the weekdays.. which i think is good for me, cuz its air-conditioned!! so for the hottest hours of the day, i will be indoors. i guess that also means i won't be seeing much daylight.. well i do get a one hour break for lunch.. and my advisor introduced us to a back alley which had tons of food. (ps the other groups advisors treated them to lunch, but heck it was to the company's cafeteria food!) this allowed me to finally try the bubbletea brand COMEBUY. this is what my new friends (aka bridgets friends) from hsinchu said was the best brand around. i think i might buy one everyday for lunch haha.. just to have something to drink while at work.. since when i come back from lunch i still have 4.5 hours to go. but one thing that i am quite upset about is Taiwan's 芋香奶茶... apparently COCO and COMEBUY don't offer it. what is up with that? how can china's COCO offer it but Taiwan's doesn't? disappointed bubble tea industry. disappointed.

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