Thursday, June 3, 2010

the island jail

its funny how i don't get mosquito bites when im out on a tropical island but when i get back to taipei i get attacked by mosquitoes. what is this!!!!

so after being stuck in taipei for a week. i decided to crash a senior graduation trip with bridget. hehe. well i didn't realize it was a senior grad trip until i already was going

for this ride.. we actually were able to find seats for the most part of the ride.. very unlike the train ride back to 台北. but anywayys. i don't remember this picture being taken but im sure bridget was saying something pretty ridiculoussss. i mean. just look at my face!

let me introduce you to.. the guy who had to survive a lot of my company XD the poor guy who ended up having to be my ride for the whole trip hehe. but its so much funnn. even though i once put the helmet on backwards :( was wondering why it felt funny >__<

so.. we went to a place called 綠島 which means "Green Island" apparently when my mom was young, saying "im going to Green Island" meant you were going to jail.. i guess it was pretty famous for the jail that was on it.. and apparantely there are famous stories where ppl tried to escape but wouldn't haha. theres still a jail now!! as picture below. but there are only 176 inhabitants today. the main part of the island is now all the tourists! theres a bunch of jail tourist shops.. and the ice shaving place is called the "ice jail" i guess everything has the jail theme.

but there were still some pretty sites! even though it was rainy & cloudy for most of the trip >__<
so there were a bunch of naturally formed rock sculptures. like below. can you spot a fat general sitting/contemplating battle plans?! and a cow head? haha.

yayyy cmu alumni :) we're missing karen though.. oh. and everyone knows the fobby peace sign. haha. everyoneeee.

so we met this guy who took pity on a bunch of us college kids and decided to take us on a mini tour up the cow head mountain. he told us about this plant that has leaves that sticks to clothing!!! cool right?

oh and i met a twin/long lost family relative!! for those of you who konw my chinese name.. its 廖克玟(liao4 ke4 wen2) and his name is 廖可文(liao4 ke3 wen2) but yeah. yay for the liao family!

and finally we ended with a meal in taipei :) i can't finish anything anymore -_- it didn't even look like that much stuff but i was the only one who couldn't finish :( like today's meal i couldn't finish either!!! whyyyy. i'm in taiwan -_- i need to enjoy my food and finishhh. but what. in this picture if bridget stealing from my bowl?! bridget you are caught in action -_-; but actually.. i think before this pic i had been about to eat.. and then then they were like.. another picture! and i was like ugh. i want to eat. haha.

sorry that my posts are always so long.. but i like to include lotssa pictures! :D is that so wrong :( i like pictures... even though i didn't bring my d300 -_- i kinda wish i did.. so i could play with it more hehe. but im a loser and i didn't cuz i was afraid i was gonna lose it smash it break it anything..


  1. ahh i want to go to taiwan!

  2. sigh. why are you always insulting me in your blog?

  3. yay. update more :]
    and i think we're getting old. i eat less now too.
    we should prep for the food battle...

  4. by the way... the picture with the jail, you and bridget have the same pose :D